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A senior cat gets adopted by a cat lover in Maryland

There is an old saying with humans and animals that goes “Age is just a number.” In the case of a 26 year geriatric male cat named Thomas which in human years is around 120 human years who was up for adoption at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter for a period of one month after his previous owner could afford to take care of the senior cat.

Thanks to the social media page Facebook, Animal Allies Rescue Foundation member Laura Cassiday saw the post of the geriatric cat that was up for adoption, she decided to take a chance on adopting the senior cat so he can live the rest of his live with Laura instead of being inside an animal shelter where Thomas was likely to be put to sleep.

The rule of thumb for cats that are considered senior cats is that not many owners are willing to adopt a cat that has health problems due to their elderly age compared to kittens who are usually adopted by cat lovers.

One of the reason that Thomas was adopted by Laura Cassiday is not only is she a member of the Animal Allies Rescue Foundation, but Laura is a volunteer with the Feline Rescue Association and the Maryland Society for the Protection and Cruelty to Animals is that Laura wanted her new cat to join her family of six other cats so Thomas can spend the rest of his days in a loving home.

Laura is a person who has a heart of gold by adopting a cat who would not have been adopted by any other person due to his advanced age and health problems that come with getting long on the tooth.


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    • That is true since most owners of older cats cannot afford to keep them. At least Laura who loves cats wants to give Thomas a comfortable home until he goes home to his Maker.