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A dog with street smarts in Lee County Florida

A male dog named Hank is what we humans would call “Street smart” when he left his owner’s home last month in Lee County Florida for a quick walk on the street when he saw a Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) auto that was driving on a street.

It is one thing that dogs are billed as “Man’s best friend.” It is another thing that dogs are smarter than they look. The one way that Hank was able to find his way back home after he left his owner’s home without their knowledge.

Because Hank’s owners took the precaution to have a identification collar with his name and home address on his possession, when Hank saw an LCSO squad car driving in the area, Hank managed to get the attention of Deputy Soto and his partner Sergeant Rose who were inside their squad car.

The two officers stopped to see why Hank was loose on the street. One of the officers thought that Hank was hungry so he gave Hank him his meal as Hank entered the back of the squad car to let Hank inside the car.

When the two officers found out where Hank lived since he had his identification collar on his possession with his name and address, they took Hank home to reunite with his lost family shortly after they saw him on the side of the road near his home.

What is amazing is that the owners of Hank did not know that their pet managed to leave the home underneath their noses so to speak.

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  1. Way to go Hank. Hail a police car to get back home. Wow. Fantastic story. Yes dogs are certainly man’s best friends but most of them are smarter than man by most. The family was very wise to have a collar on Hank’s neck at all times but microchipping would have been just as good. Anyway, great story. Thanks for posting it here.

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