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6 Animal Removed from the Endangered Species List

Did you know that many animals have been removed from the endangered species list in the last 20 years?  You might be surprised to find out what some of them are.  People always seem to focus on the animals on the list.  Yelling and screaming about all the animals that are about to go extinct.  I prefer to celebrate the animals that have been saved.  Animals that have been taken off the list because they have made a comeback and their numbers have reached a point that the are not in danger of extinction any more.  What a wonderful thing!

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  1. You left out a couple. In the late 1970’s, the black-footed ferret was declared extinct. In 1981, a very small colony of these animals was found in Wyoming. Through a very aggressive live-trapping and breeding program, black-footed ferrets have multiplied and have been reintroduced to several places in their former range, where they are thriving. These animals are still endangered, but removal from the list is in sight now. That is astonishing, considering that it was declared extinct about 40 years ago.

    Then there is the black-tailed prairie dog. This is one of five species of prairie dogs in the US and the numbers had fallen extremely low, primarily due to poisoning. Restrictions were put in place and both ranchers and farmers got an education in regard to the importance of these animals. (For one thing, they are ironically a major food source for black-footed ferrets.) In December 2009, the black-tailed prairie dog had recovered so well that they are not only not now found on the endangered species list, they also aren’t on the federal threatened species list, either.


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