Words that Work #7

How do you find the previous quizzes?

Here is another set of 10 words for you to match their nearest meaning to the 3 choices. If you know the, well and good. That means you have a good command of words that the writers or the speakers are using in their communication.

In case, you cannot master them. You may try again and closely familiarize with them. Now, it your turn to get well acquainted with them.

Time your time and good luck!

  • vouchsafe

    • securedly
    • payment made
    • special favor
  • salvo

    • saving measure used
    • sailor’s special cap
    • simultaneous discharge of guns
  • paste

    • defeat soundly
    • run after seriously
    • devastate tremendously
  • acolyte

    • assist a leader
    • dried acorn seed
    • provide water to prevent dehydration
  • pro rata

    • rated professionally
    • in proportion
    • pre-rating
  • languid

    • painful situation
    • sluggish in character
    • unique kind of language
  • behemoth

    • monstrous
    • special kind of moth
    • soft kind of fabric
  • inchmeal

    • little by little
    • measured food ration
    • completed piece of work
  • reticent

    • willing
    • unrestrained
    • reluctant
  • curfew

    • limited time for people
    • time to be in hiding
    • time to be indoor

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