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What’s Up with Ocean Currents?

Let’s face it. Ocean currents are something most of us take for granted. If you think about it, though, considering that ocean waters take up more than 70% of this planet’s surface it is not difficult to see why what is happening in them is kind of important.

Take the following quiz to find out where your comprehension of ocean currents floats in the sea of knowledge. Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you flow through this current quiz to your satisfaction.

  • Question of

    Ocean currents are…

    • A way for the earth to keep the ocean waters in place.
    • The way salt water mixes with freshwater.
    • The way ocean waters circulate around the world.
  • Question of

    What are the two primary currents in the earth’s ocean systems?

    • Tidal and temperature currents.
    • Surface and thermohaline currents.
    • Atlantic and Pacific currents.
  • Question of

    Ocean currents play an important role in…

    • Shifting heat throughout the world.
    • Conveying polarities between the antipodes.
    • Reclaiming weather systems between seasons.
  • Question of

    Surface currents work to…

    • Pull water away from shores so beneficial deep water can rise to nourish marine life.
    • Control the pathways of sub-marine rivers, keeping them from interrupting each other.
    • Provide stable waters for marine life to reproduce and thrive in.
  • Question of

    Surface waters circulate because…

    • The earth’s spin creates fluid flow patterns which they follow.
    • Winds blow in certain patterns related to the earth’s spin.
    • Deep waters push them into their flow patterns.
  • Question of

    Which labels also describe deep ocean currents?

    • Dense volume circulation and global circuit dissolution.
    • Climate change dissemination and determinate influences.
    • Thermohaline circulation and global conveyor belt.
  • Question of

    Ocean currents are tracked for the following reason:

    • Anticipating ice berg degradation.
    • Shipping concerns.
    • Predicting tsunamis.
  • Question of

    Currents running at about 100 meters are called…

    • Surface ocean currents.
    • Longshore currents.
    • Barrier island currents.
  • Question of

    Tidal currents do not flow continuously:

    • Correct, they do not.
    • Wrong, they do.
    • Both of above, depending on the moon’s phases.
  • Question of

    Tidal currents have two phases, they are…

    • Flood current and ebb current.
    • Full current and half current.
    • Lunar current and solar current.
  • Question of

    Tidal currents are, for the most part, predictable:

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Ocean currents can cause weather patterns such as the El Nino:

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Rip currents are dangerous, killing how many people in the USA each year?

    • Approximately 340 people.
    • 250 people, on average.
    • About 150 people.
  • Question of

    How do rip currents run along a beach?

    • Perpendicularly.
    • Under the water’s surface.
    • Both of the above.


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