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How well do you know your nursery rhymes?

We all grew up listening to nursery rhymes. Years later, do we still remember them? Let’s put on our thinking caps and try to recall the wordings…

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    What was the spider doing prior to the rain in Itsy Bitsy Spider?

    • Making it’s web
    • Climbing up the water spout
    • Dangling by the window pane
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    In Hey Diddle Diddle, who ran away with the spoon?

    • The dish
    • The fork
    • The knife
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    Who sat down beside Little Miss Muffet?

    • A dog
    • A cat
    • A spider
    • A cricket
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    In Three Blind Mice, what did the farmer’s wife use to chop off their tail?

    • A carving knife
    • A chopping knife
    • A pastry knife
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    How many bags of wool did Baa Baa Black Sheep have?

    • One
    • Two
    • Three
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    What did Jack break when he fell in Jack and Jill?

    • His nose
    • His crown
    • His wrist
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    In Hickory Dickory Dock, why did the mouse ran down the clock?

    • There was a cat in the clock
    • The clock striked one
    • There was a snake in the clock
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    In I’m a Little Teapot, what did the pot do when she got steamed-up?

    • She shouted
    • She cried
    • She broke into pieces
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    Where were the sheeps in Little Boy Blue?

    • In the meadow
    • In the corn
    • In the field
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    Why wasn’t London Bridge built with iron bars?

    • It will bend and break
    • It will rust and break
    • It will turn brittle


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Written by Watashiwa Rozana

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