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    What deadly bacterial disease has killed more than 100 hippopotamuses over the past week in northeast Namibia?

    • Anaplasmosis
    • Anthrax
    • Tularemia
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    On Oct. 09, 2017, which U.S. governor signed a law to make drug pricing more transparent?

    • Jerry Brown, California
    • Dan Malloy, Connecticut
    • Andrew Cuomo, New York
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    Which pennant-winning White Sox star died just recently at age 83?

    • Gary Peters
    • Jim Landis
    • Bubba Phillips
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    What’s the name of the drug that scientists have discovered that fixes cavities and regrows teeth?

    • Tideglusib
    • Pulpglusib
    • Enamelside
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    In Australia, which university created the first lithium-ion battery at a purpose built facility?

    • Sydney
    • Queensland
    • Melbourne
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    Which company raised $4 million to bake an hearing aid into phone calls through an app?

    • SonicCloud
    • Spotify
    • MixCloud
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    What price has the Bitcoin soared to this week at an all-time high?

    • $5,100
    • $5,000
    • $4,900
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    Study claims, a large majority of Americans own at least one of this product.

    • vacuum cleaner
    • coffee maker
    • Apple product


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