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Spongebob Squarepants Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Show?

I have created a quiz based on the character Spongebob Squarepants himself for those that favor the cute little sponge. Now, this quiz is about the show in general, where fans can enjoy information about a show they enjoy. So, if you love the show, then you have come to the right place.  I hope you all enjoy the quiz!

  • Question of

    What type of animation does the show created use?

    • Only 2-Dimensional and Live Action
    • 2-Dimensiona and 3-Dimensional
    • 2-Dimensional and other Art styles
    • Mainly 2-D, but also contains 3-D, live action and other art styles.
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    What is the show about?

    • The life of Spongebob, a yellow sponge that lives in a pinapple under the sea with his pet snail Gary.
    • Something to do with water.
    • About how all the sea creatures live in the Pacific Ocean.
    • About a little fish that gets lost in the ocean and his dad goes to rescue him.
  • Question of

    Stephen Hillenburg, the creator, is actually an expert on life underwater.

    • True; he’s a former marine biologist, so a lot of his knowledge was implanted on the characters of the show.
    • False; he never studied anything having to do with the ocean.
    • True; he gained his knowledge from reading about undersea life.
    • False; he just studied animation and sparked his imagination, nothing more.
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    What’s the name of the town that Spongebob lives in?

    • Barg’N-Mart
    • Toon Town
    • Rock Bottom
    • Bikini Bottom
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    Has the Spongebob gang ever gone on land?

    • Yes, a few times in the episodes and in the movies.
    • No, they never ever been on land.
    • Yes, but only in the show.
    • Yes, but only in the Spongebob movies.
  • Question of

    Which one of these title choices contain a title that is NOT an episode of the show?

    • Chocolate With Nuts, Frankendoodle, Sailor Mouth
    • Wormy, Dumped, Gary Takes A Bath
    • Chimps Ahoy, Fallen In Love, Krusty Towers
    • All of these are episodes.
  • Question of

    Which one of these events does NOT describe an episode in the show?

    • Spongebob decides to naked himself in order to live freely amongst the jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields.
    • Spongebob urges Squidward to visit his pineaple for one evening.
    • Spongebob eats a pie that turns out to be a bomb and has until sunset to live.
    • Spongebob gets a girlfriend and all of Bikini Bottom hates her.
  • Question of

    The show has been cancelled.

    • True; it’s been done for a while now.
    • False; it’s still running, and there are NO plans for cancellation.
    • True; its been recently cancelled.
    • False; its still running, but there ARE plans for cancellation.
  • Question of

    Does the show contain any dirty jokes?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes, and that’s why the show is only for adults.
    • Not always, but people can hardly tell.


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