Do You Remember Phoebe’s Funniest Lines?

Its time to take the Phoebe Buffay quiz.

And yes.. you can listen to “Smelly Cat” while taking this quiz.

This is going to be one hard quiz to crack.

  • Question of

    I love

    • You guys a lot
    • Jack Geller
    • Jacques Costeau
  • Question of

    Ursula is a waitress and she lives in Soho. And Phoebe

    • Its me
    • She is me
    • Is on this couch
    • Is sitting here
  • Question of

    If you want to receive emails about my upcoming show then

    • Give me money so that I can buy a computer
    • Teach me how to check emails
    • Sorry. I dont have a computer
  • Question of

    I’ll tell you about the time I stabbed a cop

    • Wait.. none of you are cops
    • He stabbed me first
    • Just kidding
  • Question of

    Oh for God’s sake Judy

    • Pick up the phone
    • Pick up the sock
    • Wake up
  • Question of

    But a promise between friends means

    • Never having to give a reason
    • Never asking why
    • Never breaking that bond
  • Question of

    Dr Green- What’s Tivo? Phoebe- Its

    • Slang for pregnant
    • Another word for getting dumped
    • Another word for getting fired
  • Question of

    I wish I could

    • But it sounds awful
    • But i cannot do it
    • But I dont want it


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Written by Manni


  1. i got 2 out of 8. i remember Phoebe and ursula made a guest appearance on Mad About You. i think the other cast members also had a small guest appearance on Mad About You.