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Radiologic Technologist Pop Quiz! Challenge Your Friends!

Part 1: Image Production and Evaluation

Are you ready to recall what you have learned during your College Years?

Then let’s start the 15 basic questions and challenge your friends!

  • Removable tanks are spaced inside the master tank. How many insert tanks are placed inside the master tank?

    • 2 insert tanks
    • 3 insert tanks
    • 4 insert tanks
    • 1 insert tanks
  • The misrepresentation of object size and shape on the radiograph are affected by the following factors, EXCEPT?

    • Anatomical Part
    • Time
    • X-ray Tube
    • Image Receptor
  • In order to evaluate light leak levels, for how long should the radiographer allow dark adaptation inside the darkroom?

    • 5 mins
    • 7 mins
    • 9 mins
    • 12 mins
  • Developer and fixer chemicals are considered as the processing chemical inside a darkroom. The following are the forms of processing chemicals, EXCEPT:

    • Poweder forms
    • Ready-mixed Solutions
    • Solid form
    • Liquid concentrates
  • The size and shape of the film are maintained by which characteristics of the film base?

    • Efficiency
    • Dimensional Stability
    • Latency
    • Accuracy
  • To enhance the radiologists efficiency and accuracy while reading the radiographic film, what compound is added to the film to reduce eyes strain and fatigue?

    • Blue dye
    • Red dye
    • Yellow dye
    • Black dye
  • The darkroom must be provided with safelight illumination. What is the maximum wattage of safelight bulb inside the darkroom?

    • 7 watts
    • 15 watts
    • 10 watts
    • 7.5 watts
  • What image quality factor provides sharpness of the smallest anatomy on the radiograph?

    • Density
    • Contrast
    • Detail
    • Distortion
  • 70. What is the layer between the phosphor and the base?

    • Overcoat
    • Adhesive Layer
    • Protective Coating
    • Reflective Layer
  • What is the popular base material used in intensifying screen?

    • Polyester
    • Calcium Tungstate
    • Cellulose Nitrate
    • Cellulose Acetate
  • What invisible change induced in the silver halide crystal?

    • Visible Image
    • Manifest Image
    • Latent Image
    • Invisible Image
  • A wire mesh is used to test:

    • Filtration
    • Screen Lag
    • Film screen contact
    • Screen speed
  • Which of the following terms is used to describe unsharp edges of tiny radiographic details?

    • Diffusion
    • Mottle
    • Blur
    • Umbra
  • The purpose of the automatic processor’s circulation system is to:

    • Monitor and adjust temperature.
    • Agitate, mix, and filter solutions.
    • Monitor the solution and replace it as necessary.
  • Materials that emit light when stimulated by x-ray photons are called

    • Ions
    • Electrodes
    • Phosphors
    • Crystals

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