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Quiz: Physics constants

Constants are physical sizes that have a constant value. The names were honored by renowned scientists like Avogard, Stefan and Boltzman. When their values are determined they do not change. Many constants have values written by a scientific record because they are either very large or very small. On the Internet we can find a list of all physical constants, and before you find it, check out your knowledge in this quiz.

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    Coulomb’s Constant

    • 8.9876E+09
    • 8.9876E-09
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    Magnetic Constant

    • 1.2566E-06
    • 1.2566E+06
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    Rydberg Constant

    • 1.0974E+07 m-2
    • 1.0974E+07 m-1
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    Elementary Charge

    • 1.6022E-19 C
    • 1.6022E-9 kC
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    Proton Mass

    • 9.1094E-31 kg
    • 1.6726E-27 kg
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    Sound speed at 20 Celsius

    • 340 m·s−1
    • 430 340 m·s−1
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    Stefan-Boltzmann constant

    • 5,67 × 10−8 W·m−3·K−6
    • 5,67 × 10−8 W·m−2·K−4
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    Value of g

    • 10.02
    • 9.81


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