Quiz – Life and Biology

Here is a fun quiz on Biology and living organisms.

Test your knowledge on animals, fungi, plants, cells, and all things biology.

Have fun and enjoy!

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    What is the largest living organism?

    • Blue whale
    • Honey Mushroom
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    How long does it take a red blood cell to circulate in the human body?

    • 20 seconds
    • 20 minutes
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    How many cells in an adult human body?

    • 50 trillion
    • 20 billion
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    What is the fastest growing organism?

    • Starfish
    • Giant kelp
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    How many stomachs does a cow have?

    • 4
    • 1
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    What is the oldest living organism?

    • Methuselah
    • Prometheus
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    DNA unravels at…

    • 100 rpm
    • 7000 rpm
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    The animal with largest brain to body ratio is

    • Ant
    • Human


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  1. 4/8 I am intrigued and astonished that blood travels around the body so fast. Three feet per second as it leaves the heart. Isn’t it amazing that we don’t feel it rushing around? Actually it’s lucky we don’t or it would be a constant distraction and hard to sleep through!!

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