A Quiz on Kingsman: The Secret Service

The Kingsman: Golden Circle will be showing on movie theatres this September. Therefore, I have come up with this quiz to test your memory of the first movie which was available in 2014. Have fun and good luck in answering the question! Your comments on your score or anything else are much welcome.

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    What was the nickname of the main character?

    • Eggsy
    • Agsy
    • Iggsy
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    What was the name of the main villain?

    • Richmand Valentine
    • Raymond Valentine
    • Richmond Valentine
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    What industry was the main villain dealing in?

    • Weaponry
    • Internet
    • Fashion
    • Drugs
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    What was Colin Firth’s character codename?

    • Gawain
    • Gerald
    • Galahad
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    What was Mark Hamill’s character occupation in the movie?

    • Teacher
    • Professor
    • Actor
    • Scientist
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    What was the last Kingsman test?

    • Parachuting from a plane
    • Interrogation on the tracks of a train
    • Killing a dog
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    What was the name of the villain’s henchman

    • Raymond Valentine
    • Richmond Valentine
    • Richard Valentine
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    What was the name of the main villain’s main henchman?

    • Gazelle
    • Gazump
    • Gazer
    • Gatsy
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    What did the main villain giveaway?

    • Weapons
    • SIM Cards
    • Mobile Phones
    • Watches
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    What was Michael Caine’s character designation in the film?

    • Merlin
    • Bedivere
    • Mordred
    • Arthur


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