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Pyramids Quiz

Here is a fun quiz on ancient pyramids throughout the world.

Test your knowledge on the most famous pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and on other pyramids built by man.

Have fun, and maybe learn a new fact or two.


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    Where is the tallest pyramid in the world located?

    • Egypt
    • Mexico
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    How tall is the Great Pyramid?

    • 455 ft
    • 621 ft
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    How many pyramids are in Egypt?

    • More than 500
    • Less than 150
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    Where is the Great Pyramid located?

    • Giza
    • Heliopolis
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    When were the first Mayan pyramids built?

    • 3000 years ago
    • 5000 years ago
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    How many feet long is the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid?

    • 153
    • 273
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    How many stone blocks were used to build the Great Pyramid?

    • 4.6 million
    • 2.3 million
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    Where are the pyramids of the Sun and Moon?

    • Teotihuacan
    • Giza


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