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Pokemon Go once took the world by storm … Although it has been less popular now (at least in my country), I still think its worth making a quiz about them?

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    Who is the developer and Publisher of the game?

    • Nintendo
    • Capcom
    • Niantic
    • Game Freak
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    What is Pokémon Go Plus?

    • The latest version of the game release in 2016
    • A wearable device
    • A guidebook
    • A in-app purchase special “cheat” item
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    Where can you catch Kangaskhan?

    • China
    • Mexico
    • Germany
    • Australia
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    The first death relating to Pokémon Go among Southeast Asian countries happened in…?

    • Malaysia
    • Cambodia
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
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    If you’ve a Pikachu as buddy, how far you must walk before it drops a candy?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
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    Where can you stock up on pokeballs (without paying)?

    • PokeShop
    • PokeMart
    • PokeStop
    • PokeMall
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    What is this?

    • Ultra ball
    • Master ball
    • Great ball
    • Black ball
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    What attract Pokémon to a fixed location?

    • Attraction ball
    • Incense
    • Candies
    • Lure modules


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