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Miniature in chess.

Robin Biznis June 15.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

I started about a month ago to teach my grandson Dusan to play chess.So far, he learned how figures are called, knows how to place them on the board.

 There was little problem with the correct layout of the board. Chessman know that who has white figures that on the left is in the field A-1 a black field.

It has mastered it as well as on which field the Kings should be placed.So far he has learned that as a white man, he is a black king, if he has the Queen and the King.

As soon as there will be a break, I hope that he will spend more time in our house.I intend to teach him the following miniatures in the chess game.Maybe for you who do not know how to play chess this can be interesting.

Question.If the least black moves, black can master the white king.Do you know?The answer is in two moves.See diagram.

The party would run like this.White 1.e -4 Black d -5. 2.f 4 ???,  2.Q h-5 #

It is instructive for all. I plan to teach him the next mat.1.e -4  d- 6 2.#Game

B c -4  N c-6   3.Q f-3 h-6. Q: h 7 #

And as life does not need to be greedy, so it does not need to be chess, without thinking well why the opponent sacrifices the queen.See Sir, LegaL mate.1. e-4  e-52.B c-4  d-63. N f-3 B g-44. B c-3  g-65. B: e-5 B: d-16.B: f-7  K e-77. B d-5 #The beautiful picture is under. 

 Black is matted even though it took the white Queen. 

source cover :Image by moritz320 from Pixabay 


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