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Mountains: a quiz

You may enjoy climbing them, skiing down them, or perhaps just admiring them from a distance. Whichever it is, you cannot avoid being impressed by the grandeur and majesty of mountains. But how much do you know about the world’s great mountains – such as where they are and maybe some of their features of interest? Here’s a quiz that might help you to answer that question!

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    Which mountain overlooks the city of Naples?

    • Stromboli
    • Vesuvius
    • Etna
    • Mont Blanc
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    Aconagua is the highest mountain in South America, but in which country?

    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • Peru
    • Bolivia
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    By which city does Sugar Loaf Mountain stand?

    • Cape Town
    • Sao Paolo
    • Geneva
    • Rio de Janeiro
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    Which mountain range spans Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia?

    • Dolomites
    • Drakensberg
    • Atlas
    • Tibesti
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    What does the word “Ben” mean, as in Ben Nevis?

    • Saint
    • Mountain
    • Lord
    • Height
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    In which American state are the Adirondack Mountains?

    • California
    • Virginia
    • Georgia
    • New York
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    Which British mountain has a railway all the way to the summit?

    • Ben Nevis
    • Skiddaw
    • Snowdon
    • Cader Idris
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    In which country is Mount Cook, named after the explorer Captain James Cook?

    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • South Africa
    • Indonesia
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    In which country is Mount Ararat, supposedly the resting place of Noah’s Ark?

    • Israel
    • Iraq
    • Egypt
    • Turkey
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    In which mountain range does the country of Andorra lie?

    • Alps
    • Jura
    • Balkans
    • Pyrenees


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