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Let’s Acquire Common Korean Words and Phrases

Annyeonghaseyo?Jeoneun Malot imnida. Cheoeum beopgesseumnida! p’ileepeen eseo wasseumnida.

“Hello! I am Malot, It’s nice to meet you! I’m from Philippines.”

I am fun of watching Korean movies, drama series especially the history type or comedy type. It is my way of relieving my stress from work or if I just wanted to see beautiful people and places. Hearing how they speak really amaze me and it sounds music to my ears ^_^. I wanted to learn their language but it takes time to really learn.

I wanted to share some words or phrase, try to guess what it is. Happy learning!

  • Question of

    “Yes” in Korean

    • a. Neh
    • b. yeh
    • c. ah-nee-oh
  • Question of

    “No” in Korean

    • a. Neh
    • b. Yeh
    • c. ah-nee-oh
  • Question of

    Kahm-sah-hahm-ni-da means?

    • a. Thank you
    • b. How are you
    • c. I miss you
  • Question of

    Saranghaeyo or Saranghae means?

    • a. I want to see you
    • b. I like you
    • c. I love you
  • Question of

    “I like you” in Korean?

    • a. Jagiya
    • b. Bogoshipeoyo
    • c. Joahaeyo
  • Question of

    Korean “nae sarang” means?

    • a. my darling
    • b. my love
    • c. my life
  • Question of

    Korean word “Jagiya” means?

    • a. Honey
    • b. darling
    • c. sweetheart
  • Question of

    How do you call your mother in Korean language?

    • a. eomeoni
    • b. dongsan
    • c.eonni
  • Question of

    When male calls his older brother _____

    • a. abeoji
    • b. hyung
    • c.oppa
  • Question of

    “Yobo” is a Korean term to call her husband which means ____

    • a. hubby
    • b. sweety
    • c. honey


What do you think?


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