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Rovaniemi is not only known as the birthplace of Santa Claus but also the traditionally local food during Christmas.

Known as one of the happiest land in the world, Rovaniemi is a growing travel destination in the Nordic region for anyone who love Christmas and Santa Claus. Perhaps one reason why the local people are so happy is the local cuisine. Traditional food is elegant, simple, fresh, and includes plenty of local ingredients sourced from the forests and lakes.

So how well do we know about the most well-known cuisine here?

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    How are reindeer meat cooked in Rovaniemi, Finland?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    According to the local people, stir-fried reindeer meat is traditionally served with…?

    • Tomato sauce and Russian salad
    • Broccoli and mayonaise sauce
    • Mashed potatoes and lingonberry
    • Steamed rice and fish sauce
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    Besides reindeer meats, which one below is traditional soup in Rovaniemi?

    • Acipenser soup
    • Snakehead soup
    • Tonguefish soup
    • Salmon soup
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    Besides salmon, you can enjoy…in Rovaniemi?

    • Red tilapia, grass carp, catfish
    • Cod, European bass, Arctic cisco
    • Globefish, tuna, pangasius krempfi
    • Protopterus, mullet, eleotris melanosoma
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    There’s a traditional dessert you can have a taste in Rovaniemi. What’s that?

    • Leipajuusto
    • Ceipajuusto
    • Teipajuusto
    • Heipajuusto
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    What are the traditional ingredients of “Leipajuusto”?

    • Squeaky cheess, cloudberry jelly, butter cream
    • Apple jam, squeaky cheese, heavy cream
    • Goat cheese, strawberry jam, squeaky cheese
    • Pumpkin butter, blackberry jam, squeaky cheese
  • Question of

    Where is Rovaniemi located?

    • Hovedstaden, Denmark
    • Helsingborg, Sweden
    • Lapland, Finland
    • Oppland, Norway
    • Akershus, Norway
    • Malmo, Sweden
    • Nordjylland, Denmark
    • Kainuu, Finland
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    What does “Uudet perunat ja silli” mean?

    • Fish and chips
    • Pork pie
    • Spring potatoes and pickled herring
    • Pea soup
    • Stewed reindeer meat
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    What are the ingredients for “Mustamakkara”?

    • Pork, orange peel, fennel seed, dried herbs
    • Sheep’s liver, minced onion, oatmeal, spices, suet
    • Pig blood, mixed pork, flour, crushed rye
  • Question of

    What is the best drink in Finland?

    • Punsch
    • Glögi
    • Smorgasbord Eggnog
    • Brennivin
    • Akvavit
    • Mead
    • Tuborg


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  1. Lots of guesses here – due to understanding neither the questions nor the answers!

    I am interested in your notion that Santa Claus was born in Finland! The original St Nicholas was Greek. He became popular in the Netherlands as Sinter Klaas and that was the name that was taken by emigrants to New Amsterdam, which became New York.

    • Thanks Mr. Indexer. That’s new information about St Nicholas. I highly appreciate it. New Amsterdam belonged to Dutch immigrants before returning to the hands of British colonists, who changed the name into New York – one of two 1st ranking global city (The other one is London).

      • The original St Nicholas was an early Christian bishop who wore a red cloak with white trimmings.

        Many stories were told about him, including one of him saving three sisters from having to sell themselves into prostitution by dropping bags of gold coins down their chimney so that the money landed in the stockings that had been hung by the fireplace to dry. This is how the legend of Santa Claus visiting homes and leaving presents began.

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