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Head Between My Shoulders

Are you ready for this? Here is an amusing quiz guessing songs with the word head in the title.

  • Question of

    ELO found something difficult to stop thinking about Can’t Get It ________

    • Out Of My Head
    • Off Of My Head
    • Out Of The Head
  • Question of

    Queen wanted to make sure your head stayed put

    • Lost Head
    • Don’t Lose Your Head
    • Where’s My Head
  • Question of

    Paul Anka had a very romantic song Put Your Head ________

    • Next to Mine
    • Against Me
    • On My Shoulder
  • Question of

    Johnny Cash was saddened by something

    • I Hung My Head
    • Head Hanging Down
    • Head In Hands
  • Question of

    Judas Priest had an angry song Some Heads ________

    • Go Rolling
    • Are Gonna Roll
    • Will Go Rolling
  • Question of

    B.J. Thomas had a very popular song _________________ On My Head

    • Pouring
    • Heavy Rain
    • Raindrops Keep Fallin’
  • Question of

    Micheal Jackson had a song called

    • Keep Your Head Up
    • Keep Your Head High
    • Head Back
  • Question of

    Tears For Fears sang about falling for something

    • Over My Head
    • Head Over Heels
    • Lost My Head


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