Global Quiz – Inventors & Inventions ! Can you Solve this Quiz ?

Human being use different technology time by time for easy life, and a time come in man life when he is compelled to think and know about the inventor”s of the technology he use. Today quiz is based on Inventor’s and invention. The interesting factor of this quiz is it give you the basic knowledge of the thing human use in daily routine life.

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So are you ready? Here we Go !!!!

  • Alessandro Volta invented what?

    • A- Trampoline
    • B- Umbrella
    • C-The Battery
  • Who invented light bulb?

    • A-Alexander Graham Bell
    • B-Michael Faraday
    • C-Thomas Edison
  • What did J.Robert Oppenheimer Invent?

    • A- The Crossbow
    • B- Atomic Bomb
    • C- semtex
  • John Logie Baird invented what?

    • A- Compact Disc
    • B- Telephone
    • C- Television
  • What did the Montgolfier brothers invent?

    • A-Hot air Balloon
    • B- The Bicycle
    • C- Glider
  • Who invented Dynamite?

    • A- Nikola Telsa
    • B- Marie Curie
    • C- Alfred Nobel
  • What did Edward Appleton Invent?

    • A- Vinyl Record
    • B– Radar
    • C-Tyre Inner Tube
  • What did Mary Anderson Invent?

    • A-Windshield Wiper
    • B- Ski’s
    • C-Combine Harvester
  • Who invented the periodic table of elements?

    • A-Isaac Newton
    • B- Leonardo da Vinci
    • C- Dmitri Mendeleev
  • What did Stephanie L. Kwolek Invent?

    • A- Braille
    • B-Sewing Machine
    • C- Kevlar

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