East Meet West Celebrities Quiz – How many can you guess?

In this quiz, you’ve to guess the 2 celebrities in the image – one of them is an Asian and the other is non-Asian… Hence East Meet West!!

How many can you guess correctly?

P.s: Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a celebrity is Asian or not, so I’m basing on their birthplace and/or where they’re more active in.

  • Question of


    • Teresa Palmer and Yang Mi
    • Blake Lively and Yang Mi
    • Emma Stone and Charlene Choi
    • Dilraba Dilmurat and Teresa Palmer
    • Janice Man and Kristen Stewart
  • Question of


    • Sato Takeru and Andrew Garfield
    • Harry Styles and Kaneshiro Takeshi
    • Andrew Garfield and Raymond Lam
    • Harry Styles and William Chan
    • Bosco Wong and Harry Styles
  • Question of


    • Amber Heard and Kim Tae-yeon
    • Kim Tae-yeon and Teresa Palmer
    • Im Yoona and Amber Heard
    • Kristen bell and Tiffany Hwang
    • Kiritani Mirei and Zoey Deutch
  • Question of


    • Jennifer Lawrence and Hebe Tian
    • Fukada Kyoko and Kristen bell
    • Jennifer Lawrence and Janice Man
    • Blake Lively and Hebe Tian
    • Gem Tang and Jennifer Lawrence
  • Question of


    • Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise
    • Aaron Kwok and Nicholas Hoult
    • Aaron Yan and Nicholas Hoult
    • Nicholas Hoult and Andy Lau
    • Chris Pratt and Aaron Kwok
  • Question of


    • Fan bing bing and Emma Watson
    • Zoey Deutch and Li Bingbing
    • Bernice Liu and Lea Thompson
    • Lea Thompson and Amber Guo
    • Emi Takei and Zoey Deutch
  • Question of


    • Chris Pratt and Luhan
    • Chris Evans and Ji Chang Wook
    • Chris Wu and Chris Pratt
    • Ji Chang Wook and Karl Urban
    • Karl Urban and Luhan
  • Question of


    • Takei Emi and Emma Stone
    • Hirose Suzu and Zoey Deutch
    • Emma Stone and Dilraba Dilmurat
    • Dilraba Dilmurat and Im Yoona
    • Hirose Suzu and Victoria Beckham
  • Question of


    • Chen Bolin and Louis Tomlinson
    • Li Yifeng and Niall Horan
    • Harry Styles and Li Yifeng
    • Yamazaki Kento and Liam Payne
    • Harry Styles and Eddie Peng
  • Question of


    • Anwar Hadid and Julien Kang
    • Vengo Gao and Anwar Hadid
    • Arthur Mariano and Anwar Hadid
    • Rhydian Vaughan and Bruno Mars
    • Edison Chen and Arthur Mariano


What do you think?

Written by alibb