Abbreviations and Acronyms Quiz

We use a lot of Abbreviations (aka short forms) and Acronyms in our daily lives; texting, writing casual emails and even when blogging…

So, won’t it be cool to have a quiz about Abbreviations?

How many of these Abbreviations do you know?

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    ROFL stands for…

    • Rock on freaking lunatic
    • Rules of Forbidden land
    • (turn) Right on first lane
    • Roll on floor laughin
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    IDC stands for…

    • I don’t care
    • It doesn’t crack
    • Idiots don’t cry
    • Idiots don’t care
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    DIY stands for…

    • Death of Yesterday
    • Dash in Yelling
    • Do it yourself
    • Donkeys in Yellow
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    THX stands for…

    • Thanks
    • That hoe is ex
    • This hole XL
    • This is expensive
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    NOYB stands for…

    • Nice on your body
    • Naked on yellow beaches
    • None of your Business
    • Nacho cheese on your Broccoli
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    NSFW stands for …

    • Need some flashy words
    • Not safe for work
    • Not safe for whores
    • Not suitable for whores
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    ASL stands for …

    • Age, Sex, Location
    • a sweet letter
    • as sour lemon
    • assholes, sluts, losers
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    ASAP stands for …

    • As soon as possible
    • As slow as possible
    • As slack as possible
    • As stupid as pig
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    Bonus (Singlish): KNNBCCB is use to …

    • Compliment someone
    • Swear at someone
    • Ask for help
    • Describe emotions


What do you think?

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