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You Had Better Read About This Common Condition NOW!

The reason you should read this is not because I am doing some click-bait. No, this condition has bothered many, many Google Doctor visitors this year, and it is suffered by everyone at least a few times per day. In fact, it is the one condition that is the most asked question on Google in 2019! 

So, now I have your full attention, to start off with, it still mystifies many physicians and in order to get a better picture of the multiplicity of causes, of the common hiccup, I have included a list from the  Mayoclinic, below: 

  • Eating too quickly.
  • Eating or drinking too much.
  • Any of several diseases that irritate the nerves controlling the diaphragm.
  • Abdominal surgery.
  • Strokes.
  • Brain tumors.
  • Breathing noxious fumes, and.
  • Certain medications.

Still feel like I’m being an alarmist? I absolutely hope not. Next time you start a barrage of persistent hiccups, instead of applying a bevy of “urban Remedies” ie.snake-oil, scares, slaps, buckets of water, mosquito wing stew, etc.  Have it checked out by your doctor, it could save your life.

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