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Would you like to get paid to watch videos?

I binge-watch a lot of TV shows on streaming sites like Netflix and Viki.  I used to feel guilty about it.  But then I found social blogging communities like Virily and it has helped me relieve the guilt.  When I spend hours and hours watching the series I try to do a quick review and publish it.

Then there are the YouTube videos. Once again, so that I don’t feel guilty I share them.  I can earn virils and entertain myself for hours guilt-free.

And then … there is HideoutTv.

I earn just for watching.  I don’t have to write reviews or discussions or anything!

This site is supported by advertisers. Some video creators use this platform as an alternative to YouTube or in addition to their YouTube channels.  I am not a content creator.  I am a video viewer.  The cool thing is that … as a viewer … I get paid to watch videos.  Yes.  I have to watch the ads.  Watch 3 ads and earn.  So what!  I watch commercials and don’t earn a penny!

Here’s how it works for me.  You may have to arrange your set up a little bit differently.

FIRST:  You have to create a HideoutTvaccount.  Sign Up is Free.  Whenever you watch videos, you must be logged into your account in order to earn money.

SECOND:  I used to watch the videos on my laptop.  But the platform owners just recently created a FireTVapp so that viewers can watch the videos on TV.  Fortunately, my kids bought me a FireTV for a Christmas present.  So that I wouldn’t protest about them wasting money, they told me it was ON SALE!  Turns out, even when it’s not on sale, the Toshiba Flatscreen FireTV Edition is not really all that expensive.  🙂  So!  I downloaded the HideoutTv Fire TV app from Amazon.

THIRD:  When I turn on the TV, I select the app, I sign in, start playing the videos, and multi-task. While the videos are playing, I can also work on my laptop or do other things.

FOURTH:  Most important question.  How do I get paid?

Well!  There are different ways to get paid.

HideoutTv is partnered with different “Loyalty Reward Partners”.  If you have an account with one of those Partners, that’s how you get paid.  You simply redeem your rewards through that Partner.

The Partner that I have an account with is Cointiply. I linked my Cointiply account to my HideoutTv account.  Whenever I want to redeem, I click the Rewards button and follow the prompts.

Cointiply is a Bitcoins rewards platform.  When I click the REWARDS button, the coins are instantly deposited into my Cointiply account.

You may balk and say:  “I’m not into cryptocurrency.”

You’re not.  But I am.  That’s why I linked my Cointiply account to my HideoutTv account.

However, as I already said, HideoutTV has different Rewards Partners.  Find a Partner you like, that will pay you using the method of payment you like and go with it!

For example:  I used to use Earnably. That’s one of the Partners.  They pay cash via PayPal.

HideoutTv has about 30 Partners.  If you want to know more, when you’re signed in, just go to the Support Center to either search for info or to create a ticket and request information.

I have been using this fun way to earn money by watching videos for several months.  It’s working for me. I wanted to share this tip with others because it might work for you too!



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    • If you go to work you have to clock in or use a time card to get paid. If I don’t log in I won’t earn any money. I can watch the videos without logging in. But then I would not earn from watching them.

      So far it’s been working for me. The only thing I can say is if you use your laptop to watch the videos it works better with Chrome than with Firefox. But I’m not using my laptop anymore. I’m using the Fire TV app to watch on my television. I was having problems with the videos freezing. But I submitted a help ticket and they fixed it. It’s all good now.

  1. Because my account is linked to Cointiply, I earn 51 coins for every 3 ads watched. I earn anywhere from 100 to 1000 coins per day, depending on how long I run the app. Some days my daughter wants to watch stuff on my TV. We share. LOL.

    • You’re welcome. It was time-consuming at first, which is why I picked certain times of the day that I knew I would not be doing much of anything. Like Sundays. LOL.

      I could have played the videos on a separate device while I worked on my laptop. But my kids would not let me use any of their devices. They don’t trust me. They say I visit too many weird sites and might crash their device. So I only had my laptop to play the videos.

      But once created that Fire TV app, it solved my problems.


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