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Why Teenagers Are The best Audience To Write For

 I read an interesting post a while back, by a new writer, whose name I can’t make out on the notes I wrote on my desk-jotter but I wrote them because they were good, in them, the author asked the question, “Are you struggling to write your first novel?” 

Well, he went on to say that until he started writing for teens, he had very few sales of his first-ever adult book. He had decided to write a comparatively simpler book version for the Young Adult audience and the sales just took off for him. Sure, there are many factors that influence sales of an ebook and he’s not saying that those aspects did not count but the “free ebook” reviews said that the story was great and in touch with a young audience. 

So, if you had decided, that the year, 2020 sounds like a great number as in perfect vision, and a perfect time to start your breakthrough novel, maybe like me, you have written for an adult audience or perhaps you are about to start your first book, you should possibly try writing for a young adult audience. The author is writing for the genre young adult, (YA) which are books written for 12-18-year-olds. 

Apparently, many, “Serious” minded authors turn their noses up at this suggestion. The fact is that he touches on some very valid reasons why one should try it, one that got my attention is, that Authors who write for this genre often become household names, IE. I’ll bet you saw this one coming, JK Rowling –Harry Potter fame. Then there are the series like Divergent, Hunger Games, and Maze Runner (Or books by author John Green.) 

As he said, the best part about writing young adult novels is that it’s much easier to do. and these writers become incredibly wealthy in the process. Young Adult stories don’t need complex plots, language and characters and even the books themselves can be shorter. The only things needed are straight forward themes that will appeal to teens. Something else he shares is that teens are also among the most loyal readers. He suggests, “Write a good series and you’re guaranteed best-seller status for life!” 

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