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Where is everyone?

I’ve noticed a drop in activity here on Virily and I am wondering where everybody is/why are they not visiting the site and posting?

Is there a change in the site? Are there no new users? What is going on? Let’s find out through a simple poll. Please comment if you feel the reason is not one of the options.

  • Where is everyone? Why are you not so active?

    • Found other websites to use
    • Busy with work
    • Busy in my personal life
    • Lost interest in Virily
    • The revenue is decreasing and that’s why I am not so active
    • I am still active


What do you think?

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  1. I am still active even though lately often run out of time due to various errors and reply all notifications, with the rest of the time I have for Virily, I tend to choose to visit close friends who still care about each other. I think most active members now care more about earning points than reading posts and responding to comments.

  2. There are many people who innovate them. They want to make money very quickly. Without being permanent. Find other sites. But ultimately they just go from one site to another. But nowhere are they finding quick profits. And in time they come back.


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