When Sites do not pay

Most here must have experienced writing at several Sites and how some suddenly disappear without paying.  I am at a Site at the moment and it is well over a month but the Site has still not paid me. 

Although writing Sites give us an opportunity to interact which is a good thing it is frustrating when they make us work but suddenly without notice run away. 

Virily has paid us so far even though the rates have gone down – atleast they have not run away and hopefully not. 

  • Have you written for Sites that did not pay you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


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  1. I was on a site that paid $6 for 3 articles a month and I stayed on the site because they also gave me ghostwriting work. Then they told us 2 articles a month and $3 but I stayed because hey, money is money and now they say COVID got them and they cannot pay anymore so another site is gone. They are still up and all our work is there but no more payments so I am out,


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