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I’ve been watching shows again. Many times, these shows threw questions at me and made me stop and think…

Not all of these show throws positive question, some threw out the ugly side, some just question a traditional believe …

Now, I’m going to throw some of these questions at you too … there is no right or wrong…

  • Question of

    What are you most likely to watch?

    • A show about gender equality
    • A comedy about weird people
    • A show about politics
    • A serial killer
    • Romance
    • Conspiracy Theory
    • Others
  • Question of

    You’re being trapped in a building and being watched. If you try to run, you die, if you don’t play by the rule, you die. Now, the rule says you must kill someone.

    • Kill
    • No
  • Question of

    If you open a restaurant the reason is…

    • I wanna run a business and earn $$!!
    • I can finally poison someone to death!
    • I look cooking!
    • I want to eat great food! Who cares about profit!
  • Question of

    You found solid evidences that your father killed someone.

    • Hide and destory all traces
    • Turn him in
  • Question of

    You’re given a message by the higher being that the son of the demon is born in a certain village. This son of demon will cause much disaster.

    • watch him, maybe he is not evil
    • massacre the whole village
    • I do not believe in such thing!
    • find the son of demon and kill him
  • Question of

    You discover the way to travel back to few days ago …

    • exploit it (say to win lottery etc)
    • loop forever in that few days
    • try and change the past
    • does nothing


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Written by alibb