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What to do if you are biten by a bee?

Bee or wasp bites can be extremely painful, and in some cases even cause an exaggerated reaction of the body, known as anaphylactic shock, which makes breathing difficult and in the most extreme cases can even lead to death.

However, a bee sting that turns fatal only occurs in people allergic to the venom of that insect or that are stung by many bees at the same time, which is not frequent.

So here’s what to do if bitten by a bee:

1- Remove the stinger with a forceps or needle if the stinger is still stuck to the skin;

2- Wash the affected area with cold water and soap;

3- Put an antiseptic on the skin;

4- Apply an ice cube wrapped in kitchen paper to reduce swelling and relieve pain;

5- Apply an ointment to insect bites in the affected area and allow to dry without covering the skin if the redness does not improve.

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