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What if a school day will begin not in early morning?

According to recent studies, the later start of the school day that will allow students to sleep longer in the morning, has a good effect on their health and academic performance.

For several years, health experts have been studying the impact of a later start of lessons on the health of high school students. Due to a rise in hormones and changes in the body, it is difficult for many students to fall asleep at night and, therefore, it is more difficult to get up in the morning.

As a result of the constant lack of sleep, the young body is at risk of disease. Chronic lack of sleep over the years can lead to obesity, anxiety, and depression, and it increases the possibility of sleep disturbances. And poor health certainly affects performance and behavior.

In addition, well-rested teenagers who get enough sleep every night are less sick and less prone to sports injuries.

Credit for the image: Pixabay

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Written by Abhishek Verma

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  1. I’ve always thought school was harmful for the health of students. I understand some jobs can be as bad, but teens and children are way more vulnerable. 🙁
    There were days where we would go at school when it was still dark, and get out when it was dark already (winter time). No sun at all.

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