What color do you think I am? ~ The answer to my question yesterday

Today I have to reveal to you what color the castle is.

Every person wants a long and healthy life. A Slovenian proverb says: “For every disease, one healing flower grows”. The Patriarchal Minorites continue the tradition of the Pauline Fathers and have restored a beautiful herb garden in front of the monastery and planted more than 200 species of medicinal herbs that cure a multitude of our ailments. It only takes a few steps to enter the ground floor of the monastery via a drawbridge – under a mighty portal adorned with a fresco by the hermit Paul with two lions. On the right, you see the inscription: “HERBAL PHARMACY”, where you can find and choose a cure for your ailments. Many visitors can not help but marvel at the natural and cultural beauty and heavenly peace that reigns in this village.

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