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Wednesday Shadows – I'll miss the passers by my street?

It’s been like an eternity since I took this photography. Ever since the outbreak of the corona virus epidemic, I rarely see a passerby on the street. The city seems deserted. People are becoming more and more scared, all the more so as The World Health Organization declared  today COVID-19 a global pandemic. 

The slogan launched these days is “Stay at home”

I’ll miss the passers by my street.

 I share this photo with Wednesday Shadows Challenge!

  • Do you think this pandemic will stop soon?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. I really hope it stops soon. However, it does not matter to the people here in Daytona Beach who are participating in Bike Week. All of the motorcyclists have gathered and are enjoying concerts on the beach with no worries. I can hear the music from my apartment. I will be taking a short walk on Friday and it does not worry me I just don’t know how all those bikers can crowd together the way they do.

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