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Watching the birds

One of the advantages of living in a suburban home is the presence of birds of different kinds. Aside from the common sparrow, there is the yellow bird like a big parakeet or a small parrot. The brown bird called Batobato that is quite tame is amusing to watch. There’s also the black bird that I call bad bird because they peck on the back of the loose dogs here. And how about the fruit eaters? There’s a lot here and they are the reason why I miss the expected harvest. Yesterday they ate a big ripe guava.

Watching birds is amusing and interesting. Sometimes I feel like I may be a bird in my past life since they have the benefit of flying. The bird in the picture stayed there for a minute, that’s the top of the Banaba tree in our front yard. Later I saw another of its kind jumping on the branches. So it is a pair that eventually flew away.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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