Wants and needs

I am forever in the attitude of gratitude  My needs are met.  I have flowing water, enough to eat, have a nice house to live in.  I am able to watch the tv, work on my pc, mobile the fans and lights are working.  I have enough activity that puts a spring in my foot.   What more can I ask for?

My wants are kept in the back burner.  I can easily do without them.  I must thank Corona who  reminded me about my immunity and I am taking care of that as well  I was always conscious of my surroundings although nowadays I wash my hands more frequently – thanks to Corona 

I now have more opportunities to help the needy – thanks once again to Corona. 

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Written by grace


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  1. Actually I have now become so comfortable in my little apartment that I will have to actually force myself to emerge and go out into the world. I need to start walking and going out but I don;t know if I am going to manage that.


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