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Visit of the French president to Serbia.

Robin Biznis July 15.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

This morning I went to an endocrinologist at a hospital located on the opposite side of the city from where I live.So I traveled through half of Belgrade.And notice all flagged flags of France and Serbia everywhere.The reason for this is the visit of the French President to Serbia today.This is the first visit ever since President Jacques Chirac 2001 year visit.

The French president is coming to Belgrade with the intention of renewing the broken political ties between the two countries.Paris and Belgrade, should overcome the inconvenience caused by the error of the French protocol during the celebration of the end of the First World War on November 11th.We do not often have the chance that the presidents of such large and powerful countries come to visit us.More recently, the Russian and Chinese presidents came.In the official visit to Belgrade were Richard Nixon, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.

  • Do you know that Serbia is one of the three countries in Europe in which the American president has not been visiting since the founding of independent Serbia?

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    • Jimmy Carter was 1980, then we were Yugoslavia and Tito was alive.
      Before him in the Yugoslav capital were Richard Nixon (1970) and Gerald Ford (1975).
      But no president was coming to independent Serbia.
      Did Deputy Joseph Biden visit Belgrade in 2016 year.

  1. I’m surprised that an American President has never visited Serbia when the US was mostly responsible for breaking up Yugoslavia 25 years ago. Also, congrats to Red Star Belgrade (Crvena Zvezda) for winning yesterday.

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