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Vanilla Orchid Vine

Did you know that the vanilla flavor you use in flavoring your food comes from an orchid?  Yes, that is right, the vanilla plant is and orchid, an epiphyte that grows on trees.

The leaves of the vanilla vine feels like plastic, even more plastic than most orchids.

These orchids  love growing under the shade of trees. However, they need special pollinators (Melipona bee) to pollinate their blooms.

These blooms last for just a day. We need to hand pollinate these blooms to get the vanilla pods where these pollinators don’t exist

These plants take 2-7 years to mature and produce vanilla bean.

Vanila orchids make beautiful house plants when they receive a few hours of filtered light. They are also less fussy than other flowering orchids. They love being misted and enjoy higher levels of humidity.

These flowers are green yellow in color are not so fancy looking like other orchids.

Just a six inch cutting is enough to start a 30 feet long vine. They root easily and grow well with little or no care.

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