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U for umbrella – alibb’s alphabet crazy challenge

As kids we had to share umbrellas among siblings and invariably we got wet while going to school which in a way was good as nuns would send us home.

Those umbrellas were black in colour but pretty sturdy.  We were later introduced to folding umbrellas which were trendy.  We had several of them as we were by then working and had funds to squander.

That is history now as I am no longer prepared to tolerate those upturned umbrellas with the slight breeze that did that.  Age has made me wiser in my ways and I have now gone in for the old fashioned umbrella that you see in the image. This umbrella  has a wide sweep that protects me even when it rains heavily and is quite sturdy in that no heavy winds will do anything to it. It  can also  be easily opened and closed.

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