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John-Henry Weston of the J. H. Westen Show tells of Someone who had prophesied in 1983 that Donald Trump would bring America back to God well the other day he met a close friend of his, who came over and mentioned that he knew about such a prophecy and that it was actually contained in a video, which had gone viral a few years ago and had been recorded by an Italian Catholic priest, father, Giacomo Capoverde and that the video had been viewed over half a million times. 

It recounted the story of that priest’s visit with a Catholic holy man in Loretto Italy he called him the Hermit of Loretto, but who was actually an American WW2 veteran, Thomas Raymond Zimmer. Although the prophecy about Donald Trump wasn’t actually given to Father Capoverde directly but to the priest’s friend, an American psychiatrist doctor, Claude Curran, from Massachusets whom the priest spoke about it in his video.

This video interview is with that doctor, Claude Curran. In this fascinating story doctor, Curran mentions, that we need to experience hardship and suffering in this life, to develop. He uses this example; we have to suffer; we suffer going to school to learn the skills which enable us to be a better person and when we don’t make ourselves suffer; we make everyone around us suffer. I.e., the parents of the incorrigible child who won’t go to school then suffers. (JOB. 33)

So, through Jesus’s suffering, he transformed his own suffering into a divine currency for us and that’s why we can all take part. People who don’t experience suffering, don’t understand the fruits of suffering, like discomfort, emotional hardship, humiliation, even pain so they avoid it at every turn. (JOB 33)

Here is doctor, Claude Curran, in a fascinating interview with John Weston.



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  1. Many prophets have prophesied that Trump would become President, and it has happened. I remember President Trump saying that he would run for President over 20 years ago, but I did not think that it was going to happen because of how many times his business ventures have failed in the past.

    • Good show, ahol888, I need not explain anything to you, as your eyes are wide open already. Remember, when Jesus’s life was under the greatest attack? It was when King Herod,(satan) ordered all babies under 5 years old, to be put to death. So, his parents fled to the desert for his safety. President Trump’s “rule” is under 5 years, and once again, (Herod) is after a “baby’s” blood. With regard to Trump’s less than perfect background, let’s just say, Jesus also was accused of being a wine-bibber and a committer of debauchery, etc.

  2. Do you believe thare is more we do not understand.

    Great post, I would think the prediction process is pretty easy.

    Ronald Regan- conservative – response Bill Clinton Moderate.
    Bill Clinton – moderate result GWBush, a moderate conservative
    and so on

    we can go back for many years it is a long time political cycle!

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