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Travel disappointments

My passion for travel took me to several countries.  Most were package tours and travel agents do pack up sights that tourists normally want to see.  But I have had disappointments

– I could not see tulips in Amsterdam as we missed the season by just 15 days.

– My dream to watch an opera in Sydney, Australia did not happen

-Because of clouds we missed seeing those rays hitting the Himalayan Range in Darjeeling, from Tiger Hill

-The experience of watching the sunrise and senset at the same spot in Kanyakumari was yet another experience we missed 

-Clouds made us cancel our plans to take a plane ride to watch the Himalayas at close quarters in Nepal

It was a sunday in London and so we could not get to see the Buckingham Palace as it was closed. I so wanted to watch the Trooping the colour

-And last but not the least I so wanted snow flakes on me and this did not happen despite visiting countries that have them. 

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Written by grace


  1. As a young adult my dream was to go to Ruapehu ski fields. I saved up and went down only to find there was no snow and had to walk around Mt Ruapehu instead.

    That was my one and only chance to have a snow experience.