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TM has changed my life profoundly I’ve struggled with clinical depression and GAD after resigning from police duty in 1979 and 3 years in military combat, a leg amputation, eye lens implant surgery, and my missing son. This is the only thing that has ever given me meaningful peace. I had tried so many things to help with my condition (other types of meditations) nothing has impacted me as deeply as TM. After my first time practicing the technique I felt like I had become a new person. I’m currently 69 years old and am happy I found TM.The first lesson you must learn, if you want to succeed, is, your thoughts are not your enemy. You don’t have to numb yourself to escape situations. You just need to heal and TM is the only thing I’ve come across that helps my healing from within. If you decide to watch this video, then wondering if you should try it, I highly encourage you to attend an intro class somewhere close to you and start the healing process of Pure Consciousness from deep within yourself.

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  1. I tried TM about forty years ago, and somebody at work did notice, and they asked me what I was doing to appear so calm now.

    I was disillusioned though when the secret word they gave me turned out not to be so secret, as I googled it on google, and apparently the same uniquely “secret” word is given out to many different people.

    I paid $385 for it at the time, and I was told not to share this word with anyone, and not even to write it down. It would remove some of its power, they told me.

    That does not take away from the practice though, it just made me think that their secretism is a bit overdone.


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