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To Thine Own Heart Be True

It was a famous line by William Shakespeare and it means absolutely nothing, unless you take it into your mind and heart. If you choose to live true to your own self, you will stand alone much of the time. You simply don’t conform to the beliefs of others to please them. You truly think things out, balance logic with emotions, listen to your heart and make your actions speak your heart loud and clear.

It seems odd to me how many people are trying to “fix” who they truly are.  It takes all kinds of people to make a world. The experience would not teach us anything if we were all alike and all tried to have the same interests, talents and beliefs.  I have to wonder if each of us only has one thing to learn on this earth and in this body and we spend most of our lives running away from that one thing.

A very close friend once asked me if I ever even once changed my mind. I laughed so long and hard that tears were running down my face. “I change my mind all the time, that is the only way you learn, grow, progress and fall back. What fun would it be to live on this little snow globe called earth, if someone wasn’t shaking things up all the time?” 

“But you seem so certain and sure of yourself.”

“In the moment I am sure it could look that way. What you see are authentic moments in time. And as the seconds tick away and we learn something new, meet someone interesting, start to question what we know and that is what we call “living”. 

I try to live true to myself and lead with my heart and follow with logic. (Funny, I just learned that about myself right now! Not during the conversation, but when I was writing about the conversation.)

Makes me wonder and perhaps you could leave a comment with your opinion, Do you believe I write for myself or for others?

  • Do you recognize your life changing?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you surprised when your views change?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you ever afraid to express your true thoughts because of the way others may interpret them?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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    • That is very wise Carol DM. I am often confused about who I think I should be and who I am. Some very religious people are in my family and they are extreme in my view. I will never be able to meet their expectations and I believe that wears on me.

  1. As with so many things it is a question of balance. You may have certain principles from which you never allow yourself to be shaken, but you also have to respond to a changing world by making changes in yourself.

    Have you noticed that some politicians never seem to change their position, but others adjust according to conditions. Which do you tend to admire – the “firm as a rock” type or the pragmatist?

  2. I know someone that is hurting her own self worth by hanging with the wrong crowd. It hurts the entire family, but just because she lost her son I fear she may lose her own life due making bad choices. It is too difficult to go into, but I just keep praying for her. I have lost a husband in a motorcycle wreck, a boyfriend to cancer,and many other loses, and int time I healed, but she chooses to self destruct it seems.

    • The ripple effect is a hard thing. I know that family members are not happy with the way we deal with things in this household. We are doing the best that we can. I am often told that they are praying we will change our ways. That brings little comfort.

      I am grateful that you keep praying for her. I would never discourage that.

      It is different for the one who is being “prayed for”. I pray that they will learn to love us as we are and hope that we will become who we were meant to be. I mean no offense. I know each situation is different. I am grateful for all prayers and individual freedoms.

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