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When it was the last time you gave something? Without being asked. Without being waited for the beneficial effects. When it was the last time you gave it because of it’s good to give? Not because you want to please. Because it is good to see how good another person feels when he gets. It’s good to see how he rejoices. How he smiles and his eyes shine.  And in the heart, a song of birds is sung. When was it?

To give. Where from we learn to give? Everything starts with compassion. Probably. When we understand that we always can to share. This is what we were taught in childhood. Especially if we grow with siblings or brothers. We are taught to share. At home. Backyard. Kindergartens. School.

I remember how we sailed in Greece. We were seven persons. The woman pulled out the nuts of her bag and shared with everybody. We sat, ate nuts and smiled. Then little by little, we began a warm conversation. yes, it was one of the warmest and fun sailings I remember. With great people.

Would you share a pie in the plain to a person next to you? Maybe not. Because uncomfortable? Why?

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  1. There’s a joy in giving. Just to share. One of my officemates approached me yesterday and said, “It’s gone. Thank you so much.” I looked at him unable to understand for a while. “Thank you for the medicine you gave me a while ago. Because of that, the pain is gone. I am doing well now and can enjoy the rest of the activity.”

    “I’m happy to help,” was my reply.

    In reality, while our action helped someone, it also gives us a kind of happiness that no amount of words can describe.

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