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To get out of the crisis stronger!

It must be understood that everything that was wrong will change. As minimalist design teaches – when you create an object, roll it off a hill – all unnecessary details will fall off.

It turns out that big not necessarily better than small. I am here about empires. About the re-closure of national borders and the security of its citizens. No one will take better care of us than we ourselves do.

It also turns out that the house in the countryside and nature somehow accidentally became a value. And this spring, no townsman dares to complain about their agrarian roots. 

Influencers and stars are chewing the pens as it’s getting harder to squeeze the juice out of Instagram. 

All the media fell into a glass of mistrust, like a fly, and no one rushes blindly to believe in the carriers of progressive light. 

Regiments of officers smoke in the corner. At least there are far too many of them and they may have to rediscover themselves – work. Along with feminists and all kinds of unicorns.

And we realized once again that the family is a fortress. And those for whom we live and endure everything. Loved ones become more important than you. When you can’t even visit your mom, realize what’s actually the most expensive.

Everything else – as in minimalist design. No ornamentation required.

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  • Is the family a value to you?


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