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Time of rush and global inflation

We live in a time of rush, lack of time, and global inflation. What would best describe our era? Probably being in a hurry and not having time to live and enjoy daily life. Multiple jobs simultaneously. Constant employment and lack of time for yourself, your beloved books and friends.

The weekend is disappearing just in our eyes – both as a concept and as a phenomenon. The end of the week becomes the best time to replace one job with another or one tension with another. Weekends are a great opportunity for seminars, conferences, and training.

We do everything quickly. Fast things are often inferior – fast food, for example. It is also quick and easy use – including the use of works of art. A quick read. Fast writing. Fast talk – after all, slow-talking can be boring to the TV viewers who also have not time. Quick communication, not excluding relatives and friends.

At the same time, it is a time of inflation. Everything is rapidly and constantly depreciated in our eyes. Money, concepts, words, oaths, and letters of recommendation are devalued – they were once extremely rare, with a keen awareness of the value of one’s word and reputation, and today they are wasted left and right.

Or is it the opposite? Perhaps the most valuable is what we do not see and not capture when we rush – moments and episodes, gazes and faces we no longer see? And why don’t we think about it is worth rushing at all?

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