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Thursday's Reflections – Relocation

Where I live in Auckland people in high places are putting up high rises to house the homeless and first home owners.

In short, many apartments are being built. What that means is that Housing NZ homes like mine are being demolished with the gardens and new apartments are being built. The people in our village have now been told, and places with gardens are very few, plus those places will soon be demolished anyway. 

There has been many tears shed and several like me live off our vegetables in the garden. 

I don’t much like apartments. I was in one where gun shots were fired..yes it happens in New Zealand. A man kept beating up women and all types of awful things go on. I felt unsafe. There are no gardens and sometimes there are not enough car parks…

So I told these authorities that I would be prepared to travel to Hamilton south of Auckland if I could get a garden there. There is a  possibility of getting a place in Hamilton is good. So we will soon be moving..if a garden is available in Auckland we will take it but it is very unlikely. 

Looks like like we will be going.Will see what happens and this will happen soon. 

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    Do you have homeless people in your city?

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    • No
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    Do people get away with crime in your city ?

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Yes, it is sad. For what I see it is an ever decreasing cycle, some of the homeless are not responsible for their situation but for others they were made homeless because they behaved very badly, threatened to kill other tenants and even robbed their neighbours, some have gone to jail.
      they have drug and alcohol problems and completely warped. No way do they ever want to change.

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