This was their first at a beach resort.

They were taken to a beach resort – their  first ever experience.  Most kids had not even seen the sea.  Seeing their excitement and joy made just not my day but helped me create  a lasting memory. 

Browsing through the folder I could see many more such memories –  their first time inside the beach resort, lining up for their gifts and goodies, Santa spending time with them, their performances…………

Does not matter if I cannot create new memories but I can spend time happily reminiscing.

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Written by grace


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  1. I bet the kid’s eyes lit up when they saw the beach. It is something very new for them so I can see why they would be so excited to see it. I am just happy when I get a chance to go to the beach, even though I have to at least two buses to get there. There is not beach in Jerusalem so would have to travel to another city and now with the virus would not even think of it.


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