Thieves steal important supplies from plane protecting Russian president from nuclear war

The plane Doomsday, designed to protect Russian President Vladimir Putin from the nuclear war, the thieves stole key communications equipment from it. According to Russian police, the plane was in the city of Taganrog, 11,000 kilometers south of the capital Moscow, when thieves broke in and stole 39 pieces of communications equipment, but the perpetrators have not yet been identified. And the police investigation is ongoing.

On the other hand, the presidential spokesman termed the incident of theft as a state of emergency and said that investigations into the theft were underway and security would be further improved so that such incidents do not happen again.

Be clear, The Doomsday plane can stay in the air for few days without landing and Its purpose is to ensure the safe passage of key Russian figures, including the Russian president, in the event of a third world war or nuclear attack.

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