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There is no limit to thinking out of the box when it comes to fashion

During my teenage years I only knew of a few different types of sleeves.  There were puffed sleeves, magyar sleeves, short sleeves, three quarter sleeves and full sleeves.  Amazin that today there are well over 45 different types of sleeves. 

I did have a look at all of them but just could not get over looking at what you see in the image.  How this fashion can add glamour to a woman’s clothing is beyond me. I would  think they would come in the way of comfort.  They could even get stuck while driving which is quite dangerous. And what about while writing or eating food or even working on a pc???

Sadly whatever is trendy is blindly followed by the yougth of today. By the way, it has a name – hanging sleeves. 

For more on the type of  sleeves you can visit


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