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The world in a tea cup

Well it may not be the world, it’s just my world. Just as I sat down to write something after lunch, hubby brought me a cup of lemon tea, (a favorite drink of mine, usually after a meal). I was really touched by this sweet gesture , because I usually get a restricted number of cups of tea or coffee . Β I drink way too much coffee for any good. πŸ˜€

Let’s get back to the tea cup, as I looked into the tea cup, I saw the reflection of my mezzanine floor with my in house amazon in it. I couldn’t suppress the urge to get a picture of this little scene in my living room reflected in my tea cup. There is perfect peace and harmony in this tea cup contrary to the storm in the tea cup. I am not sure if you can see clearly, but there are plants entwined all around Β and my dogs (soft toys) hanging from the hand railing too. Actually the light reflected from the windows makes the image seem a bit pale and unclear.

There you go , that is my little world for you!!

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